Memphis, TN

Memphis, might not be the most beautiful city we've every been to, but when you look past that the history that this city has witnessed is truly incredible.  For me growing up I heard about MLK and that he was murdered but then there's the how, the why, and the where that I had to... Continue Reading →

More of what we’ve been up to

In November of 2017 we went on a 10 day cruise to Mexico.  Here are some pic's of the trip.   Tabacon, Costa Rica, this will always be one of our favorite places to go when we are in Costa Rica. With the lush tropical setting and the beautiful natural Hot springs you can't help... Continue Reading →

A dedication to Mom

So my Mom passed on Dec 17 2017 in Costa Rica.  As a family we decided to go to one of her favorite places to have lunch, and boy was it a feast, it was good too and sometimes a little cold for some of us.  Please remember that even though you see some smiles... Continue Reading →

What’s been happen’n

Wow, not sure where to start. We were in Washington after our Alaska Cruise in September 2017.  We went and checked out Mount St Helen's.  Needless to say it was beautiful and cold.   We continued south to Organ, We went to Crater Lake NP and the surrounding areas.  One of the days we went... Continue Reading →

Alaska Part 3

We went on this train ride from Skagway up to the Canadian border. Then a bus ride back down to the ship.  It was very beautiful and scenic and of course very cold.          

Alaska Part 2

The first part of our Alaska adventure started by leaving Vancouver, BC. With beautiful scenery and clear sunny skies.  Its time to relax and start to have fun and the icing on the cake is I got to use my new camera for some really cool shots. Our first port was Ketchikan.  It was a... Continue Reading →

North Cascades National Park

Another beautiful National Park, the color of the water the little islands, and so on.  We did a little hike and walk around.  Unfortunately we went on a pretty crowded day plus they were doing road work that also stopped traffic. The pic's of the strangers on the kayaks are from the river below with... Continue Reading →

Our Seattle Adventure’s

Well, I can't think of a better way to start our stay in this greater Seattle area then with a Bruno Mars Concert. It was in the Tacoma Dome and it was as good as I'd imagined it would be.  Sometimes it was hard to see because we stayed standing for the whole 2 hours... Continue Reading →

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