Lasson Volcanic National Park

Our day trip through Lassen Volcanic National Park, east of Redding.  Spent about 4 hours in the park.  Spectacular views.  We are having a great time. Making it to the top was really cool, know I mean cool - cold. Pour Momi, I just plopped her right on the snow, she didn't know what to do,... Continue Reading →

Lake Shasta Dam

Spent Tuesday at Lake Shasta Dam.  Pretty interesting you can walk onto it.  Craig and I walked half way out to it on top. You can see both sides of the dam the water side and the side where they let out the water.  They use the water to make power and for Agriculture.  On... Continue Reading →

Folsom State Prison

A day at the Folsom Prison Museum.  Check out the hang mans noose.  How about that Johnny Cash and those leg irons.  This deer just was across the street in the front yard with cars going by.

Hunting for Apple Pie

While up at Pollock Pines we went looking for an apple pie.  Went to an area called Apple Hill and met the owner of Grandpa's Cellar.  It was out of season, but she went in and gave us a free frozen apple pie.  Much Aloha from the owner.  Saw a deer in the apple orchard.  Pretty... Continue Reading →

Our Lived in RV

OK this is for my Mom, she ask me for pic's of our RV lived in. Well, It doesn't get any more lived in then this.  Lived in yes, or better known as a bit of a mess and a good time to clean up.

A little bit of Old Placerville

Here are a few pic's of this town about 20 minutes away. It was fun walking around and seeing all the old buildings.  It seemed like most of the shops where antique stores.  We ate at this little restaurant that only makes pot pies. It was really good.

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