Exploring Ghost Mountain Ranch, RV park – camp grounds.

Even though we’ve been here for a few days, I wanted to share some of our pic’s.  We decided to stay here for 2 weeks instead of our usual 1 week stays. We are in Pollock Pines which is about an hour away from Lake Tahoe.  As you can see there’s a lot of dirt.  But there is also lots of trees and forest all around us it’s very beautiful. Up here there’s  crispy clean air to breath. We plan on going on a hike or two while we are here.

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Really, I think the pool area is the only place that there is no dirt. And we still have not spent any time there yet. I think it’s mainly because pets are not allowed. And you know how I don’t like leaving Momi behind.  Momi, Momi, Momi what can I say, I took some pic’s of her so you can see for your self.  She is no longer white, she has a brown like dirty tint on her. But wait, no worries we are taking her to a groomers on Tuesday.

FullSizeRender 27 FullSizeRender 28 FullSizeRender 29


All around the park there are old artifacts like, well the pic’s tell the story right? Also, this week we had some guest Tim & Yoko Donovan came by and we spent a few hours together showing them our RV, we also walked around the park, we went to check out this old movie set that they used to make westerns and they still use as a variety of thing.  Later we went and got some lunch together. We had a great time,

Thank you Tim & Yoko


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Aloha for now,

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