We just finished spending the week at Redwood River Resort next to the Eel River.  It's right above a town called Leggett CA.  Right above us is a place called the Ave. of the Giants.  It's a 31 mile drive through Humboldt Redwoods State Park.  As you see from our pictures you can see why... Continue Reading →


Our day at this park was fun and interesting to say the least. I think we will always be amazed how nature's creatures have such a strong will to survive and how they will go to any length to do just that, survive. One of my favorite moments was at the Cathedral trees when their... Continue Reading →


In this video you will see four different locations. The first two are just down the road from each other and they were somewhat short and simple. It's amazing how well maintained the trails are. We drove a few miles and arrived at our next locations. The other two are also down a road from each other.... Continue Reading →

How My Husband Takes Care of Me

Aloha everyone, this is just a quick share. Let me introduce Chef Anderson and loving husband.  Last night he cooked the salmon (on the grill) we bout in Fort Bragg. He included corn and a few small slices of bread, then he sets a table for us outside, which by the way is our first... Continue Reading →


We did not know what to expect when we got there. When you first go in the park, look for a parking spot, and get out of the car it looks like any other park.  Then when you walk a bit down this path you see it. The falls are beautiful with all the different... Continue Reading →

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