Our day at this park was fun and interesting to say the least. I think we will always be amazed how nature’s creatures have such a strong will to survive and how they will go to any length to do just that, survive.

One of my favorite moments was at the Cathedral trees when their music was playing in the back ground while Craig was reading the display plaques. So beautiful.

The other fun thing for us was that Momi got to relax and just walk around with us. She really didn’t seem to mind the tram ride too much either.  After we got to the top we took a few pictures and while Craig took the hike down the mountain Momi and I took the tram down. Our way was much faster so we got to wait for Craig at the bottom. At first Craig wanted me and Momi to hike down with him but when we met back up he said “good thing we didn’t go with him because it was an advanced hike and I could have got hurt”.

The last part was all about ” Chain saw art” and you can see some of the detailed cuttings for each piece. I had fun taking the pictures and admiring them.

One more note, if you notice Craig is narrating much better then ever. Which is great but it also makes it harder to edit for me because now I want you to here what he is saying. As a result I could not find anyway to make the video shorter.

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