Hetch Hetchy

This area and lake are part of the Yosemite National park system. I had no idea. Then when I think about it and see all this water it amazes me that this is San Francisco's water. Definitely beautiful and amazing.

North Yosemite

It was a wonderful and beautiful drive. We stopped for lunch by the river. As you can see from a few of the pic's the elevation we were at and the temperature. It shows that even in the summer it's still cold up there.

Yosemite Enchantments

The thing about Yosemite is that this is one of those places that no matter how many times you come here, its like seeing the place for the first time every time. Exploring the valley, then Glacier Point which by the way we both agree that it was like standing at the rim of the... Continue Reading →

Driving over the Bay Bridge

Going over the Bay Bridge was for sure exhilarating in the RV. We're so much high then almost everybody else, and for the most part I was a little scared to look around anyway. I'm glad we went this way. We continued on to our RV park and had a fun time in San Francisco.

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