Las Vegas

It’s kind of funny, but our first time in Las Vegas was early September.  We got to spend time with friends.  It was great.  We didn’t take any pictures, oh well. OK so fast forward to November when I got back to Craig and Momi.  Craig’s brother Mike and some of his family were in town and we all went to the University of Hawaii’s football game against the University here, unfortunately Hawaii lost. But we had fun and we took pictures.


We also went to the Hoover dam, and that new fancy bridge. No worries we took pic’s.  My wonderful brother-in-law sent me some of the pic’s they took while we were there so I can add him, his wife Pam and her Mom to this post and it’s my pleasure and honor to do so.


One night Craig and I met up with Mike and Pam downtown to see the Fremont Street Experience.  We were there for two different ones, we also had diner.  We had fun, I was pretty impressed. I also took a little movie of each one.

This video doesn’t exist


A couple of nights later Craig and I, with Momi went to the strip and The Bellagio Hotel to see the water show.  The streets were very crowded, but we made our way there and found  a spot on the bridge.  I got to admit it was pretty cool. Here are the pic’s we took and  the little movie I took of the show.

This video doesn’t exist



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