When we got into Hurricane, Utah I had know idea what to expect.  We checked in to our RV spot, which was very nice. We do our normal routine of setting up and putting our home back together. Then we usually try to take it easy our first day, but like usual we decide to take a short drive around the town and to see some of the park. But this park entrance was farther than we were willing to go at this time. So we went back home. We heard about the north entrance of the park and that it had a great short hike. So we went and checked it out and it was very beautiful. The pictures of us was at the end of the trail with some beautiful landscapes for as far as the eyes could see.


The next couple of days we went into the other parts of the park to explore and we were so amazed of the beauty and the size of  these mountains and rocks. It was just so amazing.






























These tunnels were also amazing. There was a very long line of car’s to get though the tunnels because they make them one way’s.









Had a great time with family friends Bill and Cindy.  They are so wise and experienced in traveling.  So many great suggestions. I think we might have done them all.

And finally one of our day’s here we went horse back riding. But not just any horse riding, oh no, this was an all day thing.  So you get there around 9 am and the guide talks a bit about the day and some of the do’s and don’ts. One of the first things is getting introduced to the horses that will be used. Then we get to pick the horse we want and well watch the little movie I made of the day we had.

In closing this chapter, thank you for reading and watching the video. Please give us your feed back by commenting and / or liking it.  Aloha for now.

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