The Great Sand Dunes NP, CO.

This place was mesmerizing so much sand and some deer to.  The deer didn’t pay too much attention to us, but they were fun to watch.

One day we decided to hike up the sand dunes.  No problem right?  Well, just the walk to the base of the sand dunes was pretty far from the parking lot.  Then when you look up from the base, you think based on what you see, yah lets just make it up to that top of the sand dune. Great, we made it, it looks amazing when you see where you came from. Then when you look out and all you see is more sand and even higher mountains of sand. The sand was so fine and soft. I made it up high enough to see that if I would continue up, I will see even more sand mountains. So I decided enough is enough, and I turned around to start my decent back.  I thought to myself “find the shortest route”.  The shortest route was straight down, I mean really “straight down”.  I stayed on my feet for as long as I could. When I got tired I decided to sit on my butt and scoot my way down. It was almost fun. By the time I got to the bottom my shoes and other places where full of sand. We were out there for about 2 to 3 hours. I think it was the most challenging hike to date for me.  Nothing like walking on a beach for sure. The pictures below tell the story.

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  1. Glad to see you folks having fun and freezing in some snow blizzard. It must be a bit cold judging by your sweaters. Happy Holidays to you folks and keep the pictures coming in case I don’t get the chance to do what you guys are doing.


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