Mesa Verde NP, CO. Snow & 4 Corners.

      I had no idea that Southern Colorado would look like this and had this kind of history.  How these people lived and used the land and landscape to live.  The hike to these ruins was a challenge mainly because you had to go down the side of a mountain to get to it. Also the weather kept changing on us, when we started off it was very cold and we were walking   in the fog. Then by the time we got to the ruins the sun came out and it got hot. Then on our way back to the car it started getting cold again, then it started raining and we still had ways to go. Then it started hailing, and that hurt, but then it started snowing, I’ve never been in snow like that.  It was kind of fun and exhilarating. Maybe because it was so cold. We finally got to the car and it kept snowing as we made our way out of the park and back to the RV.

      I think it was the next day we went to “The Four Corners”(Arizona,Colorado,Utah and New Mexico).  I’m glad we went, but not much there so not much to say about it.  The pictures tell the story.


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