28 days Cruising the Hawaiian Islands and the South Pacific


We were so excited to get this cruise started.  After our first four days at sea we docked on Kauai and was picked up by Craig’s brother Dan our first stop was the beach.  There goes Craig’y acting like he never seen the ocean in a long time.  Then we went up to Waimea and saw the water fall.  Thank you Dan for a great day.


The next day we were docked on Oahu.  Craig got picked up by a friend and went to hot yoga.  I on the other hand got myself to the Ala Moana shopping center were I hung out like in the old days. I’m glad I did to because I really wanted to see all the new stores and stuff. Towards the late afternoon the rest of the family came to the Ala Moana food court for a little family reunion.  It was really great to see everyone meet my great-nephew. Thank you everyone for being there.

Then we sailed to Hilo then Maui.  of course always beautiful.


Now off we go, next stop American-Samoa then Western Samoa, the international date line, the equator, then Morrea, Bora Bora, Papeete. We went on a tour on all three islands. It’s the one of the best and safest ways to see as much as possible. We learned a lot about these Islands. All the Pic’s are in no order but still beautiful.


Then we had a 9 day streak at sea to get back to Los Angeles. Here are a few pic’s from around the ship.

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