Lions – Tigers & Bears – Alpine, CA

This place was amazing.  To be able to see these kind of animals up so close.  We got to see them get fed and you can feed them yourself for a price.  I decided to opt out of that and just watched them eat and interact with the person feeding them and our tour guide.

This place rescues all these animals from all different kinds of places and reasons. This is a Sanctuary so at lest they can live out there days in a safe and as normal as possible setting.

The next set of pictures are 3 different tigers. Can you tell them apart?  Below you will see one of the tigers playing in its pool. Enjoy

In some of the bears you can see how, by their behavior dramatizing their old live’s where.  One pace’s back and forth in this small area of this big space they have to use. Because they he was in such a small cage for to long. Some are getting old and are starting to have a hard time getting around. ( Can relate to that!!!!! ) ♥♥♥


Here are 2 other animals they have.


This blog is just my experience and my own interruption of what I experienced and saw. It’s sad that there are still people out there that think they can do whatever they want with these kind of animals only having regret later.

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