Scenic Beaches, Cliffs, & Lighthouse’s on the Oregon Coast

First stop the very very little town of Agness. In fact it was so small we could not tell whether we were there or not.

We had fun in here. Some of the furnitures reminded me of my Grandma’s place.

Truly a beautiful place. Craig went to the top and got some great pic’s.  For me it was just to windy to spend more time outside plus someone had to stay with Momi, right? Hahaha….

OK so all this beauty was less than a few miles away from where we were staying. All those Sea Lions, the Lighthouse, and all the breath-taking views.

We had fun walking almost all the way out the pier.  The water shots have seals in them you just might have to expand them to see them.  The lighthouse was old and not working but still beautiful.  On Facebook, go to my page and you’ll find the live video we took while on that pier.

The town of Bandon was very cute and had all this art work all over the place. I also had a killer cup of coffee.

Now this Lighthouse had a red lens. Apparently it’s not that common.



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