We made it to the Top of the Oregon Coast

OK, so since my last post we have continued up the Oregon Coast.  Everywhere we went was as beautiful as the last place we were.  This Oregon Coast adventure has exceeded any expectations I may have had.  I really loved it all and I got to experience fun new things.  Like, I never thought I would find myself wearing my Uggs on the beach. But then up the road in Cannon Beach after a walk in the little town  I got to experience my bare feet in the water and as most of you know it was freezing, really.  But I had to find out for myself.  It was a beautiful day after all…

So much stuff I could talk about.

About the pictures, they start around Newport,OR and continue up from there. I tried to put them in some sort of order and they kinda are, kinda.  So please enjoy them regardless of the order.  I do want to mention the Tillamook Cheese Factory, I know there’s only 3 pics but it was really crowded aside from that we purchased some cheese and got out of there, it was very cool.

Starting the 1st of July we will be in Portland for about 2 weeks then we continue our adventures into Washington. I’m kinda looking forward to being in a big city again. Oh ya we are also going to the Blues Festival that’s happening in Portland.


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