Onward to Washington

We ended our time in Oregon with 2 weeks or so in Portland. From going to the Blues Festival to visiting with family, and the icing on the cake (and the mountain ) was seeing those amazing water falls and then driving on up to the mountain surly very beautiful.  So many times Oregon had some jaw dropping scenery.  We discovered that Oregon has some pretty amazing state parks.  We will for sure use when we come back some day.



Welcome to Washington and our first stop is Pacific Beach which is a very small town so one day we drove south and saw all kinds of things.  Like Craig doing yoga moves on the beach.  These Washington Beach’s are highways and you can drive on them, park and spend time there, you can ride horse’s and fly a kite or two. We stopped a cop and talked story for a few minutes.

Then we drove up to this place called La Push also very small the closest town was about 17 miles away called Fork.  This is the place that we flew my kite for the longest time but then as I was bringing it in it slipped out of my hands and the wind just took it away so fast.  It got caught up in a tree that I could see from the RV.  Craig had fun watching me watch the kite all afternoon, literally all afternoon. Then amazingly enough right after sunset around 9:15 pm as the wind died down the kite also started to come down, so we rushed over there and sure enough it landed right in Craig’s hands.  So then I proceeded to pull the string from the tree and with a little creative pulling and tugging and the help of our neighbor we got all of  it down even the handle.  Lesson learned.

We also bought smoked salmon form one of the locals, delicious. I also played around with the different filters of my new camera at sunset.

Continuing on in the same general area, the first set of rocks are right off the beach of where we where staying, with a little zooming action.  We also went to the Hoh rain forest in the Olympic NP, beautiful.  The next place was Ruby Beach where with the naked eye it would be nearly impossible to see that Lighthouse. And plenty of other things, I’m love’n the camera.

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