Alaska Part 2

The first part of our Alaska adventure started by leaving Vancouver, BC. With beautiful scenery and clear sunny skies.  Its time to relax and start to have fun and the icing on the cake is I got to use my new camera for some really cool shots.

Our first port was Ketchikan.  It was a beautiful day, like no other the locals said. We took a short bus ride to the place where we saw the black bears and an eagle ( in the previous blog ) we also saw these totem poles. Then we got dropped off at Creek Street to walk around where back in the day it used to be where all the whore houses were. And just like that we sailed away.


Our next port was Juneau. Our very first glacier was the Mendenhall Glacier, and I was mesmerized it was so beautiful. And to top it all of it was another gorgeous day. We spent a good amount of time here. So we walked around and took pic’s in the different areas.


Now, I don’t remember the name of this next place. It was some kind of rain forest and this guy grew this garden with all these beautiful flowers and plants then somewhere along the time he got inspired to turn tree stumps upside down and turn them into planters, they were beautiful for sure.  Then they put you in this open bus/truck thing and drove us up the mountain to this amazing scenic view.




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