Oregon Caves National Momument

There is a lodge with this little diner. It looked like it was all original. Very cool and very old. They also make the killer shake with around 25+ flavors. The caves were amazing and very cold (like 40 degrees or less).  You can tell how cold it was by looking at Craig's face, vary... Continue Reading →

The Great Sand Dunes NP, CO.

This place was mesmerizing so much sand and some deer to.  The deer didn't pay too much attention to us, but they were fun to watch. One day we decided to hike up the sand dunes.  No problem right?  Well, just the walk to the base of the sand dunes was pretty far from the parking... Continue Reading →

In and Around Denver, CO.

This is where we stayed in Denver, at the Buckley Air force Base. It was nice and quiet between the jet fighters taking off.   We like to take walks in the different City's we go to. We never know what we will end up seeing.        

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